Zero Waste School is a derivative activity of WWF-Indonesia's Plastic Smart Cities program that maximizes schools to take part in raising student awareness by building action programs to reduce plastic waste consumption in 3 cities (Jakarta, Bogor, and Depok).

One of the series of activities of this program is educating schools in the Ciliwung area in the territories of Jakarta, Depok, and Bogor in changing the behavior of the school ecosystem to zero waste through directed assistance.

Zero Waste School


Zero Waste School



1. There is a reduction in the use of plastic waste in the school environment, both from students, teachers, and also other school residents;

2. The existence of a school index to determine the reduction and also changes in attitudes that are more environmentally friendly;

3. The establishment of collaboration between schools that implement plastic waste-free schools;

4. Supporting and accelerating the Plastic Smart Cities program with learning modules as a priority program in schools for environmental issues towards a sustainable city program;

5. The schools aim to declarate as zero waste school.


In 2022-2023 we are focusing on 50 schools (30 elementary & 20 junior high schools) in DKI Jakarta Province. We prioritize schools located on the banks of the Ciliwung River in the Jakarta, Bogor and Depok areas.

Zero Waste School