WWF-Indonesia is a trusted independent conservation organization established on the understanding of the complex relationship between human activities and the natural environment, focusing on finding workable solutions and mobilizing action from stakeholders and supporters.





WWF-Indonesia has a vision for conservation that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to sustainable development in Indonesia, focusing on equitable natural resource governance to ensure future conservation benefits:

"Indonesia's ecosystems and biodiversity are sustainable and fairly managed, for the present and future generations welfare."


To realize the vision, WWF-Indonesia sets the following mission:

"Realizing fair and sustainable governance of Indonesia's ecosystems and biodiversity for the welfare of the Indonesian people."

We realize our mission through : 

  • Implementing and encouraging conservation practices based on science, innovation, and local wisdom;
  • Build coalitions and partnerships with civil society, work with government and the private sector for sustainable development;
  • Promoting the values of environmental conservation by increasing awareness and conservation action in the community;
  • Advocate and influence policies and encourage law enforcement in responsible institutions for the implementation of good environmental governance.







"We demonstrate courage through our actions, we work for change where it's needed, and we inspire people and institutions to tackle the greatest threats to nature and the future of the planet, which is our home."

WWF-Indonesia show courage through action and action. We work for necessary changes. The enthusiasm and passion that we always ignite in ourselves to strive for the sustainability of nature and people, will be aligned with our adaptability in facing various obstacles and conditions. We encourage, engage and inspire others to do their best for nature and the future of the planet that is our home.



"We live the principles we call on others to meet. We act with integrity, accountability, and transparency, and we rely on facts and science to guide us and to ensure that we learn and evolve."

As a non-profit organization entrusted with the noble trust of various parties, we ensure that every step we take is in accordance with our principles. We live by the principle that we encourage and strive for, "Walk the talk". WWF-Indonesia acts with integrity, accountability and transparency. By relying on local knowledge and scientific knowledge to guide our every move, we ensure we continue to learn and grow.



"We honor the voices and knowledge of people and communities that we serve, and we work to secure their rights to a sustainable future."

We respect the voice and rights of nature and people. We work to protect/ensure a sustainable future. Ensure that every voice and right is heard and respected in the process. Always consider diversity and mutual respect in seeking harmony and harmony for nature and people. 



"We deliver impact at the scale of the challenges we face through the power of collective action and innovation."

We work to make a significant impact. With such dynamic challenges, we face them through the power of collective action and innovation. Having a spirit of sharing resources and knowledge and being open to receiving input and criticism from other parties. And always build a participatory process in every action and conservation effort.