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Policy Paper: Gender and Human Rights Issues in Palm Oil Plantation

Posted on 07 July 2022
Author by Yayasan WWF Indonesia

Palm oil plantations are a strategic commodity for Indonesia. The government continues to improve oil palm plantations governance in line with the development of palm oil plantations in Indonesia. However, one aspect that still needs to be considered by the government is the issue of gender in palm oil plantations, where there are still female workers who have almost no legal protection in the workplace.

Due to the lack of people’s attention on this issue, WWF Indonesia together with experts in the field of social and gender issues compiled a policy paper on the protection of the human rights of women workers in palm oil plantations. Since August 2022, the preparation of policy papers begins with the development of a framework and identification of problems in the field. Then continued exploration with stakeholders including non-governmental organizations and academics through limited FGD activities.

The policy paper entitled Gender and Human Rights Issues in Oil Palm Plantations was written by Andik Hardiyanto, Wiko Saputra, Evarisan, Sekar Askarini Noersyachbana and Angga Prathama Putra. And getting input and input from Nur Laily (Sukma Foundation – Legal Resources Center for Gender Justice and Human Rights (LRC-KJHAM)), Dr. Feybe E.N Lumuru (Palm Community Circle), Sumarjono Saragih (GAPKI), A. Inda Fatinaware (Sawit Watch), Aryo Gustomo (RSPO), Joko Sarjito and Viola Zianka.

This policy paper is one of the steps to encourage the strengthening of the protection of the human rights of women workers in palm oil plantations, as well as to provide recommendations for improving existing actions and policies in Indonesia.

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