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Call Proposal for Plastic Smart Cities Scoping Study & Plan of Action Development in Depok and Bogor

Posted on 28 May 2021
Author by Yayasan WWF Indonesia

WWF’s No Plastic in Nature initiative (WWF NPIN) was founded in 2018 and its goal is to stop leakage of plastic by 2030. The initiative is organized by 3 Pillars: Policy, Markets, and Cities. With institutional funding and charitable giving, WWF is working on City projects in plastic hotspots in South East Asia with a key focus on city policy, collection and waste management systems, entrepreneurial innovation, and citizen science. WWF NPIN Plastic Smart Cities pillars on projects in Indonesia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, and Hong Kong.

As one target area of the Regional NPIN WWF Program, Yayasan WWF Indonesia has been starting to develop and implement the PSC project in selected priority areas. WWF-Indonesia is an independent national conservation organization and is a part of the WWF global network, WWF works in Indonesia began in 1962. Yayasan WWF Indonesia has officially become a national entity as Foundation in 1998. At present over 250 staff in 32 offices working for achieving the WWF Indonesia mission. To strengthen the WWF NPIN program in Indonesia, Yayasan WWF Indonesia will conduct scoping and assessment of plastic waste management and develop a plan of action with the city authorities in Depok City of West Java Province-Indonesia.

With this background, Yayasan WWF Indonesia is open for call proposal to the consultant firms, universities, research institutions, foundations who interested in working with Yayasan WWF Indonesia, NPIN Plastic Smart Cities pillar to conduct the study on plastic waste management and develop the POA based on the study in Depok and Bogor City of West Java Province.

The Submission:

  • Letter of interest and organization experience and background.
  • Proposal including assessment activities/process and methodologies; information of expert team and their background; and outline report.
  • Breakdown Budget
  • Timeline
  • Qualification Document Form
  • Legality Documents (Akta pendirian, Akta perubahan, SK KemenKumham terkait Akta, NPWP, SKT,SPPKP, No rek Perusahaan)
  • The proposal should be in English

For detail please visit here. The proposal submitted to email: [email protected] with the subject "PSC & POA Scoping in Depok & Bogor" not later than 10th June 2021.

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