GIS & Database Officer - Jayapura

GIS & Database Officer - Jayapura

If you want to contribute to conservation efforts in Indonesia, this is the opportunity for you to join the national conservation organization in Indonesia. WWF-Indonesia, an independent national conservation organization, is part of a global network of WWF. WWF-ID is currently seeking the best candidate for the position of GIS & Database Officer. This position will be based in Jayapura, Papua, and report directly to the Technical Support Coordinator.

Provide operational support for WWF Indonesia through its duties/responsibilities by developing research based on remote sensing and geographic information systems and providing spatial-based modeling for project development at relevant work sites, especially in the field of spatial planning (districts / cities / provinces in Papua and Papua West).

Develop spatial analysis in strategic environmental studies (KHLS), RTRW, RDTR, RTR KSP, sustainable village planning (SREDDFI) based on community knowledge and the results of mapping important places for indigenous peoples, biophysics, and biodiversity. Ensure planning, implementation, and monitoring of REDD+, sustainable management of mangroves, and mapping of important places in the community at the tribal, clan, and village levels. Managing spatial data in advocacy efforts in the field of spatial planning based on the management of indigenous peoples, ecosystem corridors, habitats of threatened and protected species, and or related to the duties and responsibilities in each field in order to contribute to the realization of project/program goals to ensure conservation nature and sustainable development in Papua and West Papua. Develop competence in remote sensing and GIS, provide technical guidance and regular assistance to internal and project-supporting parties. Documenting the spatial database and building a spatial database geoportal that is integrated with WWF-Indonesia

The scope of activities includes:
    • Support GIS & Database Specialist in monitoring and reviewing project and/or program site implementation related to regional space (regencies/cities/provinces in Papua & West Papua), strategic environmental studies (KHLS), RTRW, RDTR, RTR, planning sustainable village (SREDDFI).
    • Support GIS & Database Specialist to ensure planning, implementation, and monitoring of REDD+, sustainable mangrove management, mapping of important places in the community, and preparation of spatial data to ensure the achievement of program objectives.
    • Support GIS & Database Specialist to develop, implement and maintain the quality of spatial data needs in Papua & West Papua together with the GIS d& Database Team in the Papua Program
    • Provide data support and analysis of spatial planning information in Papua & West Papua
    • Support GIS & Database Specialist to manage database systems and spatial-based information, update spatial data in Papua & West Papua, and upload to geoportals for data development purposes at WWF Indonesia
    • Support the Papua program by coordinating with external and internal parties in providing spatial/GIS data needed for Ecosystem Restoration Planning (zone zoning, community management space, proposed ecosystem corridors, regional direction, and zoning of protected and buffer function areas, as well as analyzing spatial data and non-spatial in the development of modeling to optimize community land use.
    • Support GIS & Database Specialist to Provide the latest data and information on GIS/Spatial, and remote sensing in consultation or coordination with relevant Stakeholders (Government, Research Institutes, Educational Institutions, Consultants, NGOs, Private Companies, and WWF Internal Parties) on a regular basis, conduct lobby where needed and build and manage relationships with these Stakeholders
    • Support GIS & Database Specialist to carry out regular capacity building for internal WWF and stakeholders relevant to project achievements
    • Conduct self-competency development to support project success
    • Carry out spatial monitoring and audit for the benefit of project achievement
    • Make reports in the field of spatial planning and/or other reports related to spatial/GIS in the MnF program and its surroundings (3 monthly, 6 monthly, and annual reports), in order to ensure the availability of these reports as supporting documentation for conservation activities in Papua & West Papua.

    Requirements for this position are:

    • Minimum Bachelor's Degree (S1) majoring in Geography, Forestry, Cartography, Remote Sensing, Environmental Science, and Regional Planning.
    • Minimum 3 years in the development and implementation of conservation programs.
    • Can use the computer smoothly.
    • Able to communicate both in Indonesian and English
    • Open-mindedness & receptiveness to new ideas 
    • Good standards of integrity 
    • Sensitive and empathetic personality
    • Adherence to WWF’s values, which are: Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, and Courage.

    Interested applicants should share only their CV/resume and Cover Letter to [email protected] with the subject of GIS & Database Officer - Jayapura, no later than July 31, 2022.


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